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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month with Mexican cuisine and traditions

Compare Foods Charlotte is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage month

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products and services featured appear as paid advertising.   

We are celebrating national Hispanic Heritage month with Compare Foods and today we're talking about Mexico.

Our immediate neighbor to the South is a vibrant country filled with natural beauty, abundant resources, and some of the most amazing food! 

Mexico is home to some of the world's oldest ruins and temples. It also boasts picturesque beaches, arid deserts, and everything in between.

With so much amazing food to choose from, it's hard to single out a single dish the country is known for. So start with the grilled street corn, also known as Eloté. A combination of sweet corn, cool cheese, and spicy seasoning - it's got something for everyone. 

And if jewelry is your thing, Mexico is the world's largest producer of silver. There's so much to discover! 

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