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Create a Family Handbook

Keep your family organize with a handbook

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It is important to enjoy your home and your time with your children; however,
life is messy, and can be chaotic especially in an emergency.  Embrace your life and home for the stage you are currently in and to keep things moving smoothly create a Family handbook.  Laurie Martin from Simplicity organizers has more.

Have you ever thought about how your family would function if something happened to you? In the state of an emergency, could someone find your pertinent information? It’s time to create a Family Handbook.  Here is what you need first of all get a notebook and make tabs with the following headings.

Your medical information – keep pertinent medical records for children and adults that could be needed in an emergency.

Emergency contacts – Know who to get in touch with , fire , police, doctors etc.… in case of emergencies

Insurance information – your insurance information (life, health , pet etc…) will be critical when dealing with hospitals keep that info in your handbook.

Home service providers – Providers such as landscapers , HVAC maintenance , water, utilities.

Once your handbook is complete make sure it is accessible to family members babysitters and those who would need it incase of an emergency. We cannot predict when an emergency is going to happen, but we can plan for them. For more information visit Simplicity-Organizers.com.

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