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Get organized in the New Year!

Get organized with the 5Ws in 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We all long for a more simple life yet we constantly feel
overwhelmed, over-scheduled and stressed. How many times have you vowed that this year you are going to get organized? Laurie Martin, the owner of Simplicity Organizers, is here to get you organized with the 5Ws.

WHY:  Number one most important question. Why do you want to get organized? If you fail to look deeper into the why, you will just keep shifting chairs on the titanic. Clutter is not just a space problem, it can be a deeper rooted problem. Disorganization can impact you:

 PHYSICALLY- (space in your home, have an impact on your body) 

FINANCIALLY (late bills, purchasing items again) 

MENTALLY (overwhelmed, stressed)

RELATIONALLY (arguments with spouse, children)

SPIRITUALLY (disconnected)

WHAT:  What are your organizational goals? Write them down. Prioritize them. Estimate how long each project will take and then time yourself. What is holding you back from getting started? What are the costs of disorganization?

    • Emotional Energy: Anxiety, Exhaustion, Irritability, Frustration, Stress
    • Money: Replacing belongings, damaged items due to neglect
    • Wasted space: cluttered countertops, storage space
    • Time: Showing up late, missed assignments, forgotten projects, multiple trips to school

WHEN:  When are you going to carve out the time to get your home organized? Invest in a month at a glance calendar. Write down specific dates you are going to organize. Just the act of writing something down increases your chances of actually accomplishing your goals.

WHERE: Where are you going to start organizing in your home? Start small. Success breeds success.  A junk drawer can likely be accomplished in under an hour vs. a garage or attic that may take several days.

WHO:  Who, in your life, can help you reach your organizational goals? Your family? A friend? A neighbor? A professional organizer?  Accountability is key to preventing procrastination.

For more information visit Simplicity-organizers.com

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