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Keep kids and pets safe from the summer heat

Do not leave kids and pets unattended in a car!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With temperatures on the rise, what are some statistics families should be aware of to help protect their children and pets? Here with more is Kate Clark from Britax Child Safety.

"We can’t stress enough to be on guard for your young ones and pets during the hot summer days" says Clark.  According to NHTSA, in just 10 minutes, a car can heat up by 20 degrees and become deadly.  Many parents don’t realize that a child's body temperature rises 3-5 times faster than an adult's, meaning it could only take 10 minutes for a child’s condition to become life-threatening.  Also many articles note that in just 15 minutes a pet can end up brain damaged or die due to heatstroke.

Are hot car deaths preventable?

Yes!  According to NHTSA, while ALL types of vehicular heatstroke deaths are preventable! "Kids and Car Safety" Data Source from 1998 – 2021 found the following about child hot car deaths:

  • 56% were unknowingly left in vehicles;
  • 26% gained access to vehicles on their own;
  • 15% were knowingly left in vehicles; and
  • 3% of the circumstances were unknown

These statistics are preventable, it’s time to raise awareness and protect our precious love ones.

What steps can families take to help protect kids and pets from overheating in hot cars?

Safe Kids Worldwide advises:

Never leave your child alone in a car, not even during a quick trip to the store.

Keep car doors and trunks locked and keep key fobs out of reach, so kids can't climb into cars on their own.

Create reminders. Place your phone, briefcase, or purse in the backseat when traveling with a child.

Take action. If you see a child alone in a car, call 911. For pets, contact local police or animal control.

Although it is good to know what to do in a dangerous situation, it is even more important to take the proper safety precautions to avoid a tragedy completely.

For more information visit US.Britax.com

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