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Take healthy control of what you eat

Stay in tune with your body

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We are talking health and nutrition today with Nutrition &
Eating Psychology Coach, Samantha Eaton.  Sometimes it’s not what you eat but how much, and at what times you eat, so today we are going to talk about portion control and the bodies natural response.

What happens in our body when we try to control how much we eat? There are a number of things that transpire.  For example we all need oxygen to live, if you try to deprived your body of oxygen, your body would respond by getting a big gasp of air or you would pass out.  Your body would fight back.  It is the same with depriving your body of food.  Your body would resist and fight back. It is important that you learn the signs of hunger.  You don’t want to fight against your body. Don’t forget hunger and fullness cues are our natural portion control system. To overlook these natural responses could further complicate matters.

Here are four tips to help:

- Get to know your hunger cues & honor them.  You may get fidgety or moody, angry or your stomach may start growling.

- Eat balanced meals consistently through the day.

- Eat slow and tune in when eating.  Be aware and present in the moment when eating, don’t just mindlessly eat. Take notice and enjoy the moment.

- Practice forgiveness if you overeat (eat past fullness). Don't beat yourself up, with the new day make a fresh new start.

For more information visit Healthyeaton.com

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