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Wedding trends for 2022, starting with straight teeth

Lifestyle Influencer Bianca Jade shares how Spark Aligners can get you ready for your wedding

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products and services featured appear as paid advertising.       

It’s bridal season! Weddings are looking different now. Here’s what’s trending.


Brides-to-be and grooms want to look their best, and now that weddings require more upfront scheduling due to long pandemic waiting lists, couples are opting for improvements as they await their wedding day. Wedding photography and videography is also such a big investment, so why not look your best for those? Couples are choosing Spark Clear Aligners to inconspicuously improve the alignment of their teeth for a perfect smile. They’re doctor-directed, so easy to pop in, comfortable and very flexible with your lifestyle. 

Orthodontists who use Spark Aligners say they’re seeing better, more predictable results than they had achieved with previous aligners brands. If you want to learn more about Spark Aligners and find a provider near you, go to SPARKALIGNERS.COM.


It’s no surprise weddings have become smaller with Covid surging through the country over the last 2 years. Couples are choosing to invite only their closest friends and family to share in their special day. It began as a way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but then it just sank in for many couples that this was a wise strategy for keeping wedding costs down and enjoying their wedding more—so it stuck! With a smaller wedding party, it’s easier to do a destination wedding and secure hard to book, remote locations that look like something out of a fairytale. Through micro weddings, couples can invest in the guest experience rather than the volume of people.


Since outdoor venues were in demand more than ever, many themes began to pop up that lend themselves to gorgeous outdoor locations. Beach weddings and rustic farm style venues have been in huge demand as they allow for matrimony and receptions to occur outside. This could be a little risky as no one wants rain on their wedding day BUT it offers a safer environment to attendees and perhaps less of a need for staff on site to wear masks.


White is no longer the singular color of weddings. There’s been a significant trend in edgier wedding garb. Black is in! Adventurous brides are opting for beautiful black gowns and darker, more dramatic looks to compliment their personal style. Grooms are dressing similarly! This trend has definitely been influenced by celebrity weddings of edgy fashion icons but it’s sticking as wedding planners are reporting more of an interest in breaking the traditional mold with alternative aesthetics.


Wedding culture has changed in many ways! There’s less pressure to go into diet mode and lose weight before the big day. Women, especially, have entered an era of loving their bodies and feeling empowered as they are. They’re choosing wedding looks that flatter their bodies versus a look they’ll have to starve themselves to fit into. For looking one’s best, there are so many little helpers like shapewear, which has lots of options to fit comfortably under a range of wedding look styles—whether it’s a gown, suit, pantsuit or 2-piece! 


Weddings are expensive! After a challenging few years, couples are really putting their finances in perspective with the times and weighing what’s most important as they start this phase of their lives together. Saving money by switching expensive items out with more cost-effective options is a good way to go. Instead of fresh flowers which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, dried flowers with multi-colored “bunnies” are just as beautiful and cost much less. Pricy invitations are also a road less traveled now because creating a wedding website is so much easier! It doesn’t get lost in the mail, can be updated with changes and costs nothing to send the URL to your guests. 

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