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Exclusive: Behind the scenes of Charlotte's Amazon Fulfillment Center

At Charlotte's Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center, 3,000 employees work alongside robots to ensure you get your package on-time.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Move over Silicon Valley, a new hot spot for innovation has emerged, attracting all the big names in tech. Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are just a few of the companies investing billions of dollars to build facilities in the Charlotte area.

The latest is an Amazon Fulfillment Center using state of the art technology. It's the first of its kind in North Carolina.

The company says Amazon's investment in North Carolina has contributed an additional $690 million into the state economy. 

"Amazon robotics means that we have robots assisting and working hand in hand with associates," CLT 4 General Manager Jeremy Stewart told NBC Charlotte. 

The 855,000 square foot building holds about 15 football fields and provides over 3,000 local jobs. Employees are working alongside robots to help ensure you get your package when you expect it.

The technology helps pick, pack, and ship smaller goods. 

Stewart says orders are constant, especially during the holidays. 

"This season is really important for Amazon because we ship a good portion of our volume during this time," Stewart said. "This building will be setting records."

You name it, Amazon probably has it. The company is teaming up with 53,000 authors, sellers, and developers in North Carolina to get more products to customers.

"We've now created an industry around getting things quickly to customers that didn't exist before Amazon,"  Stewart said. 

Amazon told NBC Charlotte that by next holiday season, North Carolina will get two new Amazon centers. 


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