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Charlotte artist spreading the love

Kent Youngstrom used his energy to literally spread the love posting painted canvas around the city.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With so much of society at a standstill due to the coronavirus, it's easy to lose track of your passions. But for many local artists, this interruption of the status quo is providing a new canvas in which to paint. 

Charlotte artist,  Kent Youngstrom caused quite the stir this week when he and his family posted a hundred works of art with the same simple message - in hopes people would come take them home.

"It was just a chance to give it back to Charlotte a little bit," said Youngstrom. "Give people something to do they can walk around grab one and take it home."

It didn't take long for word to get out.

"I expected people to come and get them i didn't expect people to get them to get them as quickly as they did and pay the love forward as well," said Youngstrom.

Folks from all over posted photos.

"They were people that came and got them for their friends. There were some cool pictures of kids coming with their parents to get them," said  Youngstrom

A real-life posting that people eagerly shared.

"It was just cool to see that art brought people together if only for a small part of the day."

Not bad, said Youngstrom who's already planning another emergency art installation. After all, i isn't every day people take your message to heart.

"And it's always good for me to realize that art is a personal thing but it also can affect someone's mood or day or feelings and its always cool to see that," said Youngstrom.

Late Thursday, Youngstrom posted the last of his limited edition LOVE posters around Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte. He says you're more than welcome to home take a copy, provided you can find one.


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