MONROE, N.C. — It's hot, just step outside and you can feel the Carolina heat beating down on your head, but that's not the reason several Monroe police officers got fresh, new haircuts.

They are supporting a five-year-old girl named Ansley Frashier who is battling cancer. Her father is the football coach at Union Academy. School Resource Officer Jacob Forbis is a friend who knew that getting the team to show support would make a world of difference for the family's morale.

"It makes you feel good. There's more to law enforcement than just kicking in doors, making arrests, and taking people to jail. There's so much more than that. One way for us to show how much we love our community we serve is to go out there and show that support." said Officer Jacob Forbis.

"This little girl who's just five-years-old, I can't imagine what they are going through. It takes courage to put on this badge, but it takes courage for a five-year-old to face this deadly disease, to face it with a great attitude," Forbis said.

Since telling the story on Facebook, the post has been shared numerous times and has received overwhelmingly positive support.