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These kids’ adorable letters to Santa will put you in the Christmas spirit

It’s not toys they want most for Christmas. It’s for their sick grandma to get better and a snowy Christmas in Texas when she gets out of the hospital.

DALLAS — Three siblings' letters to Santa prove kids haven’t forgotten what’s important around the holidays.

Jayvyn, Jaycelyn and Jayla Williams asked for their sick grandmother to get better, and for a white Christmas when she gets out of the hospital.

“She has always been my rock to lean on,” Jayvyn tells WFAA. 

He and his sisters wrote the letters to Santa at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturday. Doctors are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with their grandmother, but the kids are confident in her strength and the strength of their Christmas wish.

“I’m happy that she’ll be here,” Jayvyn said. “I believe she will.”

Just one more small thing, no matter how unlikely it might seem, would make their Christmas reunion better.

“Probably snow,” Jayla said.  “When it’s December in the movies, they usually have like snow.”

Credit: WFAA
Jayvyn, Jaycelyn and Jayla Williams

The kids wrote the letters on an outdoor picnic table wearing short sleeves just three weeks before Christmas. Their smiles catching the sunlight on a sunny day with temperatures in the 60s.

They dropped their letters so Santa in the decorative mailbox at the farmers market, knowing that snow or sunshine, what matters most is having everyone together.

“I really hope everyone becomes really happy during Christmas,” Jayla said. 

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