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Sell those unwanted or unused gift cards for cash

If you get a gift card for the holidays that you won't use, turn that unwanted gift into cash.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Holiday shopping is well underway with just 10 days until Christmas and many people are looking at gift cards this year because of limited social gatherings and the ease that comes with mailing them. 

But what happens when you get a gift card to a store or restaurant you don't shop eat at? The good news is when it comes to gift cards, you have some options if you don't want what you get as a gift.

When it comes to gift cards and what to do with unwanted ones, Shelley Hunter is an expert. Did you know you can sell your unwanted and unused gift cards for cash?

“And you can do that through a number of online retailers, like Cardpool or Raise," Hunter said. "Those are my favorite places to do resell." 

Another website for selling cards is Gift Card Granny, where you can shop cards for the highest amount.

You can also try to trade them in, which is one of the most popular options. Some large retailers have gift card exchanges. 

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When you sell a card, depending on what it is, know this: you won't get even money, but it should be worth somewhere between 60-85% of the value or balance. 

So, how does this work if you choose online? 

“You can send the gift card number, it’s that easy, so it could be just a matter of days” said Hunter.

Credit: Bill McGinty

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On the flip side, be careful about using social media or Craigslist to sell for even money. If you go that route, meet in busy public spaces and put safety first. If you go the on-line route, be on a reputable site that has customer service, read reviews first.

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