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App, device detects electric shock in water

A mother developed a device and app that monitors the conditions of any body of water to ensure it's not electrified.

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) is a concern for many parents as people pack the pools and lakes heading into summer.

A mother in California, Natalie Forood, developed a device and app that monitors the conditions of any body of water to ensure it's not electrified.

"Currently, there is no device that is permanently installed and monitoring this 24/7, so that is the intent of wavES," Forood told NBC Charlotte.

While public and private pools get annually inspected, the time between inspections can be dangerous. There are various conditions that could occur that people might not be aware of, and this device would catch those.

The name "wavES" is a play on words, meaning to signify waving for help or waves relating to water. The ES is capitalized for "electric shock". For any pool, it's two parts, plus the app.

"The (smart pool) skimmer lid that would replace your skimmer lid in the pool, and this flexible track that would go around your pool," Forood said.

It's meant to be installed by the homeowner. The entire track is modular like train tracks or lego blocks. So how could these two parts save someone from ESD?

"It has sensors that are strategically placed with a little transmitter on the end that talks to the pool cover. That's how it figures out what the conditions are in the water and how to alert you if necessary," said Forood.

Once the device is installed, the skimmer will light up red or green.

"If everything is ok, it will be green. If there is a problem, it will turn red," Forood added.

Not only will a light alert you, but the device communicates wirelessly through the app on your phone and/or your home alarm system. It will only alert you when detecting electricity in the water.

At that point, anyone in the water needs to get out. Use a plastic pole or hook to help someone out if necessary, so the electricity is not transferred to the assister.

wavES does not prevent you from swimming or change the aesthetics of your pool or pond. Forood is currently working to get more funding to develop the product and app then get them on shelves at an affordable price.

Click here for more information on wavES.

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