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'Now I've gotta bury my baby': Family mourns 10-year-old shot in bed

Two more people are arrested in the homicide of 10-year-old Damarion Byrd. His mother, Lynn Webb, says she's glad for the arrests, but it won't bring back her son.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Two more people are under arrest in the shooting death of 10-year- old Damarion Byrd. The Baldwin County Sheriff's office says they're still looking for another suspect.

"I just want my baby, and now I gotta bury my baby,” Damarion's mother– Lynn Webb said. 

Damarion’s family gathered at his grandma's home in Baldwin County. 

His cousins, aunts, five siblings, and his mother.  She says they live in Macon. 

"It was late Sunday morning. I get a call telling me to get to Milledgeville. By the time I got to the hospital and got through and opened the door, they told me he was gone,” Webb sobs.

She says she shared custody of Damarion with his father. Webb says he attended school in Baldwin County because he wanted to play basketball.

"Mr. Fly guy. I said, ‘You made every shot tonight!'. He said 'Yeah, I'm too big for them, I'm too big for them'. I said 'Yeah, baby, get out there and show off’,” she said.

Damarion's grandma, Evelyn Webb, says he was just about to turn 11. She says folks knew that Damarion lived with his dad, but the family doesn't know why someone would shoot at the house.

"My grandbaby was innocent. He had made so many plans, all the things he was gonna do. Now he can't even do it because one fool decided to shoot at somebody's house,” she said. 

Webb says they just got him new shoes, and now he'll probably bury him in them. She says the gun violence in Baldwin County has gotten out of hand. 

“There’s so much rage in Baldwin County,” Webb said. “I always see stuff on television but never expect it to be my child. Just because justice is being served and they're arresting people doesn't make me feel any better. I can't call my son. They are getting locked up, they still have visitation. I'm going to have to visit the grave of a 10-year old child.” 

"It's a savage homicide of a 10-year-old child,” Sheriff Bill Massee said. 

He says they arrested Rodracius Stephens Monday afternoon and several hours later they arrested another two suspects.

"We arrested a female, Shemonica Keira Reaves, and also 17-year-old Charles Jackson Jr,” he said. 

Massee says they weren't surprised to see Stephens connected to this homicide. He says he's been arrested 23 times since 2000. 

"He's been arrested on drug sales, receiving stolen property, possession of narcotics, probation violations, aggravated assault,” he said. 

Massee says Stephens and Jackson are nephew and uncle. He says the Byrd family and Stephens most likely knew each other. 

There’s a warrant out for the arrest of Jerell Stubbs. Massee says he’s been arrested 19 times. 

Webb says her family is now planning Damarion's funeral. No date been set.

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