CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. – Two men are in custody after a 14-year-old girl was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Chester County Sunday night, police said.

According to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a shooting in the 500 block of Pinckney Street shortly after 9 p.m. Sunday. Jada Jones was reportedly sitting in the driveway of a friend's home when a car pulled up and someone inside the vehicle began opening fire.

"I was in the house I actually was sitting on my bed when I heard six gunshots. I ran outside in my gown," said Kristy Thompson who lives in the home where the shooting happened.

Seconds later, she heard screams.

"I went around the house and I saw this young lady laying there," Thompson said.

Jones was later pronounced dead.

According to Rock Hills Schools, Jones attended Rawlinson Road Middle School and Raven Academy during the 2017-2018 school year.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting was gang-related and deputies later placed 21-year-old Rapheal Carter and 19-year-old Hezekiah Tinsley in custody.

Deputies said Jones was an innocent bystander.

"They're beefing, they're beefing with each other," said Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood. "This day in time people are scared to fist fight, they'd rather pick up a gun."

Detectives believe the bullet was intended for Thompson's son.

"This guy's been shot twice in the last couple months, nobody wants to say anything," Underwood said. "Because of this pretty little girl, now people start talking, they should have been talking all along."

As Thomspon looks at the bullet holes in her window, she vows to fight the gangs now haunting her house.

"I owe it to this young lady's family. I owe it to this young lady," she said.

But she worries the gangs won't stop until her son gets hit.

"That could have been me. That could have been anybody that was hit by that bullet. A bullet doesn't have a name on it," Thompson said. "As a mother, I'm [going to] protect my kids, any means necessary. I am gonna get me a gun."

Raphael Carter. Submitted photo.
Rapheal Carter. Submitted photo.
Hezekiah Tinsley. Submitted photo.
Hezekiah Tinsley. Submitted photo.

Carter is being charged with murder and Tinsley is charged with accessory to murder, according to deputies.

Both Carter and Tinsley appeared in court Monday afternoon to have a judge read the charges against them. A second court appearance is expected for both men but authorities have not released the dates as of Monday evening.

This is a developing story. Please stick with as more information becomes available.

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