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Elgin Mom Stands Up to Filyaw


(Elgin) - Sunday morning an Elgin woman and her 17-year-old daughter did something many people would find difficult: they stood up to a wanted kidnapper attempting to carjack them. But Jennifer Lin says she wasn't going to let Vinson Filyaw do anything to her daughter.Lin says she knew of the missing Kershaw County teen, but didn't know that she and her daughter Briar Rose would become involved in catching the suspected kidnapper. Lin says around 2:30 this morning the chase for Vinson Filyaw came to the door of Capone's restaurant, an Italian place run by the Lin family.She says she was standing outside by her car talking on her cell phone. Briar Rose was in the passenger seat, ready to call it a night. Lin says the look on her daughter's face said everything. "I turned around and looked and a gun was in my face. He said give me your keys. I said Hell no, you’re not having my keys!" said Lin."She told me to call the cops," said Briar Rose Lin.Jennifer Lin says she asked the man – who she recognized as Filyaw – why he was running. "I said what did you do? Tell me what you did." said Lin.The women say Filyaw ran away. After their 911 call, deputies moved in and two hours later, Filyaw was in custody."I can't believe that people pray on victims that young. They're just defenseless. If it happened to my daughter, I'd be ready to kill somebody," said Lin. "I'm proud of her. I mean, it takes a lot of guts to do that, but I guess, a mother's love, right?" said Briar Rose of her mom's actions. Because of the sexual assault charge in this case, News19 will now begin to adhere to our policy of not naming rape victims. We understand that this is a high profile case and that the victim's name has been out there for some time, but we believe that following this policy is in the best interest of the victim, the family, and the community.