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Is your child's backpack too heavy?

Back to school shopping is in full swing But all of those supplies — not to mention the books — can make a backpack dangerously heavy for young children.
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Backpack and school supplies: books, notepad, felt-tip pens, scissors on brown wooden table

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Back to school shopping is in full swing, but fitting that huge haul into a backpack can make it too heavy for young students.

Experts at the Mayo Clinic warn that backpacks should weigh no more than 15-percent of a child's body weight. Lower back pain and achy muscles are usually adults issues, so if a child starts complaining about them, that's a sign their backpack may be too heavy.

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Doctors recommend smaller backpacks with wide straps, and parents can help students figure out what they absolutely must carry and what can stay in their locker or at home.

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