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Potentially dangerous dogs attacking again

Our Defenders investigation uncovered owners in multiple counties breaking strict safety regulations for potentially dangerous dogs.

Nathan Morabito

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Published: 8:03 PM EDT July 18, 2019
Updated: 4:04 PM EDT July 22, 2019

More than 200 dogs living across the greater Charlotte area have restrictions on where they can go, where they can be, and who they can interact with because they have been deemed "potentially dangerous," according to public records. The NBC Charlotte's Defenders investigation team found not all of these dog owners are taking the safety precautions mandated by law.

An animal could find itself on this list after it attacked children, adults, pets, or livestock. In some cases, the attacks sent people and animals to the hospital with serious injuries.

Animals on this list have been saved from euthanization but only if their owners agree to strict safety requirements.

Our Defenders investigation uncovered owners in multiple counties breaking those rules and some of their dogs are attacking again as a result. Police said the dogs really are not the ones to blame. Instead, it's their owners.

"It's really a shame for all involved," Gaston County Animal Control Task Force Advisory Board Vice Chairman Reggie Horton said. "I think the onus is really on those owners to be extra responsible."

The most dangerous dogs, like the dog that killed a baby in Salisbury earlier this year, are euthanized. Dogs surrendered by their owners meet the same fate, but animal control records show the rest, many of them repeat offenders, live in every kind of neighborhood you can imagine.

"As a neighbor, I would be concerned," Union County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Green said. "It's not something anybody would like to have next door."

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