CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It was a gruesome case that shook a south Charlotte neighborhood 16 years ago. 

Alkia Rodgers was reported missing May 21, 2003 when she didn't come home. The 18-year-old mother's body was found the next day by some kids at the top of a slide in Charlotte's Southside Park where she often played with her infant son.

Details of Rodgers' killing are particularly disturbing. 

"Her throat was slashed. It's really sad," said cold case detective Ed Williams. "It is a horrible way to die. It's very sad, it's awful."

Detectives said she was going to the park that fateful day to meet her son's father for diapers. She never made it back. Williams is confident Rodgers' killer knew her.

"Usually when someone is strangled like that, it's usually people that know each other," Williams said. 

But a DNA test did not match her boyfriend. 

Defender Michelle Boudin is digging into the investigation to find where it stands now and if detectives have any clues to who killed Alkia Rodgers. You can see the investigation on Friday, April 26 at 11 p.m. only on NBC Charlotte.