CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They say the best conversations happen around a table. On Friday, dozens of America’s veterans gathered to honor the man known as "America’s Pastor."

"I was sad that he passed, but I'm glad the honors that people are giving him,” George Reeves, a veteran told NBC Charlotte. “I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted that, but I think it's an honor for him."

Many told us it was an honor to serve this country. There’s a neat connection between Reverend Billy Graham and veterans, which was being given the privilege to serve.

Another connection lies in the word healing. Every crusade brought healing to so many.

Richard’s Coffee Shop is a place of healing for hundreds of vets, Tim Kiger told NBC Charlotte.

"Truly these are sacred walls,” Kiger said. “The issues that come along with being war fighters get carried in here and problems get solved. This place is special."

Friday was extra special because the conversation circled about how Billy Graham impacted so many of their lives.

"My dad was an alcoholic and when he went to a Billy Graham crusade back in 1957 in Times Square, he turned his life over to the Lord,” Reeves said.