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South Carolina governor takes action to help with the supply chain crisis

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued an executive order aimed at giving trucking companies a greater of making deliveries on time.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Governor Henry McMaster on Tuesday issued an executive order aimed at giving trucking companies a greater chance of making deliveries on time. 

The governor issued a statement that explained the order is about giving trucking companies and truckers more flexibility when on the road.

Executive Order 2021-40 suspends some regulations related to commercial vehicles. 

This includes rules on the amount of hours drivers can drive. It also suspends some regulations on registration and the size of commercial vehicles. The aim is to get goods to their final destinations quicker.

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Rick Todd, president of the South Carolina Trucking Association says this order is similar to ones issued in other states during natural disasters. 

"This is across the country, every time there is an emergency declaration made, these are the waivers that are made," said Todd. "This is a template that is issued post natural disasters situations."

Todd says a trucker's driving hours are dependent on each company. 

"We're not aware of any accidents that have resulted from the relaxation of these rules," Todd said. "Fleet owners and the truck drivers themselves are not going to push themselves past a certain point."

Todd says while some trucks will be able to carry more cargo, not all will.

"The ability to haul just a little bit more extra cargo or drive a little bit more time so they can meet the demand expectations," he said.

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According to Todd easing registration renewals, will alleviate pressure on the system because they won't be penalized for being overweight. "Not get fined or get a ticket if they are in some other state and they're South Carolina registration may have lapsed or expired by a couple of days."

In a statement, the Governor's spokesperson said in part, "These actions are often taken in the event of emergencies to enable efficient movement of products for South Carolinians in need."

According to the trucking association, while there is some leniency here… there are still rules in place. Drivers cannot haul more equipment then their truck is manufactured to haul and drivers must rest when they are tired. 

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