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Meteor showers to light up Carolina sky next week

Around 20 to 25 meteors per hour, the The American Meteor Society predicts.

Two dueling meteor showers will occupy our night sky late Monday into Tuesday.

Both the Southern delta Aquariids and the alpha Capricornids will have peak showers at the same time.

The Capricornids does not produce frequent meteors. A mere five per hour. However the meteors it does produce, can be very bright fireballs that streak across the sky.

The Aquariids will peak simultaneously. Although better viewed from the Southern Hemisphere, Carolinians with a good view of the lower horizon could see both meteor showers.

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Combined, the AMS predicts around 20 to 25 meteors per hour.

Spectators in dark areas away from urban lights, will have the best view. The moon will only be 6% full Monday night and should provide little in the way of competing light.

The NBC Charlotte First Warn Weather team is forecasting a beautiful evening Monday: with mostly clear skies and a low of 68.

If you miss the meteors Monday, both meteor showers continue into August but with less frequency.

The popular Perseids meteor shower will also occur in August but will be competing with a nearly full moon during its peek on August 12 and 13. When visible, the Perseids meteor shower can produce upwards of 75 meteors an hour.