CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Outrage in the Raleigh area is reigniting an issue about sex offenders, and it's also gotten a strong reaction in Charlotte.

Some parents in Raleigh want Wake County Schools to move a bus stop that’s near the home of a registered sex offender. Scott Robert Daily remains in jail, but people are now calling for action because school is starting back up soon.  

It comes after some parents in Charlotte spoke out about a sex offender living just feet from a CMS school bus stop.

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NBC Charlotte looked into the issue and found that it’s not illegal.  

Sex offenders are not allowed to live within one thousand feet of a school, but school bus stops are different.

“Who is stupid enough to send their kids to the bus stop?” concerned parent Francis Cronlund in the Raleigh area said to NBC affiliate WRAL.

Cronlund is sending a strong message to the Wake County Schools about registered sex offender Scott Daily who has a recorded dating back to 2012 and lives near a school bus stop.

“Look at the same sex offender list we are looking at, we are the parents and we are observing our kids, why aren’t you?,” Cronlund said to WRAL.

In 2017, parents in a Charlotte neighborhood shared similar concerns.   

They learned their kids at the school bus stop were standing feet away from the front door of a sex offender’s house.

“To know there's a possibility a sex offender could be right there, that would scare the crap out of me,” one parent said at the time.

NBC Charlotte did some digging and learned it’s not illegal. North Carolina law says sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school or daycare, but school bus stops are not regulated.  

At the time, NBC Charlotte checked with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and they said they are not designed to access or cross-reference private residential addresses of individuals throughout Mecklenburg County.

“I think all parents who care about their kids should think about things like that because I mean like you just said, there's a loophole that I didn't even know about,” one parent said at the time.

Parents can also go online to check their state’s sex offender registry.  

You can look to see if there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood, or possibly near your child’s bus stop.