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Brunch and breakfast spots on this week's Restaurant Report Card

Famous Toastery in Ballantyne on Rea Road received and low 'A' for storing unwashed produce over ready to eat food.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you are planning on brunch or breakfast out this weekend, consumer reporter Bill McGinty has some information you’d like to know in his weekly restaurant report.

Not the worst thing reporter Bill McGinty ever seen in a food inspection report, but still, some red violations at the Famous Toastery in Ballantyne on Rea Road.

The health inspector found them storing unwashed produce over ready to eat food, that’s a contamination ding and a repeat violation here. They were also not cooling cut lettuce and tomatoes properly or fast enough when cooling down and warming up, time matters. 

They were also storing raw turkey burger on the same prep table where they prepare potatoes, again, a possible cross-contamination worry.

Their grade here? A 91.5, a low “A”.

Next up, Los Primos Catering #5 on Sharon Road West. They weren’t packaging or labeling their food properly, so those specific items were tossed out.

They had food temperature issues as well, the chicken, beans, and beef were 12 to 15 degrees too cool, hot food has to be a minimum of 135. 

On the flip side, some of their cold food was too warm, the cut lettuce, the salsa, and the slaw, some of it 23 and 26 degrees above what it is supposed to be. Would you eat warm slaw?

Their grade, an 89.5, a high “B”.

Last up this week, the Bruegger's bagels on Highway 51. They had a handwashing issue, and some of the bagels were past 4 hours, after 4 hours, the food has to be thrown away. And the inspector noted dirty ceiling vents which could drop contamination on to food below. 

Their grade here at Bruegger's? A 91, also a low “A”.

When you look at violations look at the red ones, those are deemed critical and can make you sick. That’s where we find the hand washing violations and the food temperature issues.