CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If your weekend plans include going out to lunch or dinner, you better wait until you hear consumer reporter Bill McGinty’s restaurant report.

This week, there were no “A” grades on the report card, all “B’s" and here’s why.

First up, the Moe’s Original Bar B Que at 111 Matthews Station Rd in Matthews. Someone here handled the dirty used dishes, then went to handling the clean ones, and they didn’t wash their hands in between. 

Moe’s also had pulled pork holding at 127 degrees, it has to be at a minimum of 135 per health codes. 

Their grade at Moe’s Original BBQ? An 85, that’s a “B”.

Next up, the Bankers Raw Bar and Billiards on West Woodlawn. Someone here handled raw chicken, then washed their gloves instead of their hands.

Some of their cold food was too warm. They had pasta at 54 degrees, fish at 48, and chili at 52. All items were tossed out. 

Their grade at Bankers Raw Bar and Billiards? An 85.5, a “B”.

And last, the Angry Ales on Montford Dr. Their ice machine had pink and black mold. Their cold holding was broken, the temp wasn’t 41 but instead, it was 50 degrees and so maintenance was called. 

There was also fruit fly spray hanging right over the food window, even though the label said keep 8 feet away from food. 

Their grade at Angry Ales? An 86.5, a “B”.

Check those grades, before you order.