CHARLOTTE, N.C. — First up this week on the Restaurant Report Card, we’re at the Cajun Yard Dog on Providence Road. 

Someone used their cell phone then went back to food prep without washing hands. Remember, cell phones can be grimier than a toilet. Someone else was bare handing food, albeit onions and peppers; still, though, it's not allowed. 

The grade at the Cajun Yard Dog? An 88, that’s a B.

Next up is Las Meras Tortas on Farm Pond Lane. An employee handled raw chicken then handled bread until someone intervened. Others were washing their gloves instead of their hands. 

Some of their salsa verde, black beans, lettuce, and tomatoes were too warm; some of it was 15 degrees too warm. 

The grade at Las Meras Tortas? A 77, that’s a C.

Last up this week, Mi Tierrita on East Sugar Creek Road. They had moldy ham and hotdogs in their cooler; they were tossed out. 

They were storing beer in the sink where they’re supposed to wash hands. The inspector also noted some of their items in the cooler had no date markings and incorrect labeling. 

The grade at Mi Tierrita? An 83, that’s a low B.


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