CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Before you head out to dinner this weekend, you might want to pay attention to the health score when you walk in your favorite restaurant. 

Some workers at a few popular eateries in Charlotte were accused of not washing their hands. 

The first restaurant on this weeks' report card is the Carolina Ale House on College Street in uptown. The inspection noted an overall lack of control over things like improper cooling procedure and handwashing. 

It's hard to believe in 2019, adults can't wash their hands properly in the food service industry. The inspector also noted the French onion soup at 75 degrees, meaning it wasn't cooling fast enough so they had to throw it out. 

The score at Carolina Ale House? An 86, which is a B; however, they were reinspected a few days ago and got a 93. 

Next up is the Morazán on Archdale. Again, more handwashing issues with people not washing their hands long enough, no soap was provided and then recontaminating by touching the faucets afterward. As for the food, they were storing unwashed produce with washed produce. That's how sickness can spread, as NBC Charlotte has reported before. 

They got an 86.5, that's a mid-level B

Last up, Buca di Peppo near the Carolina Place Mall in Pineville. Once of the employees here was seen touching the floor with gloved hands and going back to food prep. They had garbage disposal issues and their toilets in the ladies' room had "debris" and were in need of a good scrubbing. 

The grade at Buca? A 90, that's a low A

As always, check that score. It should be front and center when you walk in. If it's not, that's against health code regulations.