CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Within the last month, Walter Hillegass says his Toyota Rav 4 has been vandalized three different times. In each case, multiple tires were slashed and his tire cover destroyed.

“It was clear this was a completely politically bias attack because my tire cover had a Trump sticker,” Hillegass said.

During the third attack, surveillance cameras were rolling and caught the suspect in the act. 

Hillegass says he doesn’t recognize the man and has no idea why anyone would do something so spiteful.

“If you want to disagree with somebody sit down at the table and talk about it,” Hillegass says. “Don’t destroy people’s property and don’t attack people.”

Trump supporter says he was targeted by tire slasher

After each act of vandalism, Hillegass says he reported the incident to police and had to spend hundreds of dollars replacing his damaged property. 

He says this is more than just an inconvenience, but also makes him question his personal safety.

“If I wear a Trump hat or a Trump shirt what’s going to happen next? Do I have to worry about looking over my shoulder and getting attacked," Hillegass said.

So far, CMPD has not identified the man in the video or made any arrests in this case.