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Have a virtual "Family Balloon Night" to break the monotony of those boring Zoom calls

Zoom calls don't just have to be meetings. They can be fun and interactive too thanks to a guy named Dave Brenn and his love of balloons.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Zoom calls have become a daily routine for work and school and sometimes just to catch up with friends and family. But we have a strong hunch you haven't joined a Zoom meeting to learn to make balloon animals yet! 

Meet Dave Brenn, a World Champion balloon artist and your host of Family Balloon Night! 

Before you start, Brenn sends you everything you need including a couple balloon pumps and enough balloons to create balloon art for quite some time. 

And then it's time for you and the family to get PUMPED UP!

“You are going to give it about 6 pumps," instructs Brenn as the lesson begins. He says 6 pumps is about the standard starting size you want for most beginner balloon art.

But, sometimes they pop. If this happens to you during Family Balloon Night, you will get the slide whistle (See video for sound clarity). 

You have to start with the classics so the first lesson is to make a little wiener dog. From there you will be making flowers, hats, swords and so much more to fill you room with balloon art. 

It automatically schedules a zoom lesson on the date of your choice and then you have an hour of fun with the family, learning and new skill while laughing and enjoying your time together.

Credit: WCNC

It is unique and a great way to break the mold from the pandemic. 

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