CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are two essential things when you're out in the Carolina heat during summer: a cold drink and deodorant. 

But according to a new poll, an alarming amount of folks are ditching their deodorant altogether. The poll found that about 40% of people 18-24 don't use deodorant at all and haven't in the last month.

For their slightly older peers 25-34, the results aren't much better. A whopping 31% of those polled said they also don't use deodorant. If you're trying to limit the aluminum in your body, we can understand that. But there are plenty of alternatives on the market. 

The poll found it's not negligence or a lack of personal hygiene. They simply don't think they need it. So, we asked the Wake Up Charlotte audience what they thought. Needless to say, deodorant is an absolute must-have. 

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