GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A South Carolina prom king created quite a stir on social media because of what he wore to the dance.

Adam Bell was voted prom king by his classmates at Powdersville High in Greenville, but he's received criticism because he wore a skirt. It's not the students who are upset, it's the parents.

“I picked a top from Victoria's Secret, and the skirt, it had finished getting altered on that Wednesday so it was very last minute that outfit," explained Bell.

The look is nothing unusual for the 18-year-old Adam Bell.

“The people at my school, they see me do this on a daily basis.”

The openly gay honors student, who identifies as a male, said when it comes to fashion, he prefers to dress like a woman.

“I’ll wear like a dress like as a top or something, or I’ll wear heels to school.”

Teachers supported Bell’s decision; some even struck a pose with the self- proclaimed fashionista.

However, Bell received backlash on social media, with one parent saying, “This young man/ woman/it should be ashamed of this ludicrous behavior. A gay/transgender prom king? What are we telling our kids?”

“The adults that are commenting have kids that go to my school, and the kids are the ones that voted me. It’s great to see that the new generation coming up is so supportive,” Bell said.

The upstate district where Bell attends school doesn’t have an issue with his fashion choice as long as he’s staying within dress code.

NBC Charlotte checked with local districts on their policies. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School said it’s up to the superintendent not teachers to decide what a student can or cannot wear.