CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On October 20, people from both sides of the aisle held a workshop in Myers Park to discuss ways to bring the country together in a time when political division is strong, starting with helping their local community.

There were seven republicans, seven democrats, a couple moderators and observers in the room, identifying there political stances with colored beads. Today's workshop was hosted by a national organization called Better Angels -- local leaders and community members put on the event in Charlotte for the first time.

Better Angels is a bipartisan citizen's movement with hopes to unify the nation. Launched in 2016, the organization's goal is to build new ways to talk to one another, participate and influence those around you.

"It's good to be able to have that conversation," Ryan McGill, a Democrat, said. "We haven't had that safe space in a while. This gave that safe space and it kind of gave me that introspective look and say hey, take a step back and listen to them."

Better Angels hopes to encourage citizens to participate in dialogue together regardless of if they agree.

"I think it's so important for everyone to do, but especially for republicans, to validate other people's opinions," Victoria Nwasike, a Republican, said. "I may not agree, but they have valid opinions just like I do."

While this one event is just a step in the political climate journey, it's timely with a heated and close race facing North Carolina.

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