New allegations of election fraud came out Tuesday in North Carolina's House District 103 -- which includes Matthews and southeast Mecklenburg County.

After a recount, Democrat Rachel Hunt beat out Republican Bill Brawley by just 68 votes. However, NC Values Coalition said several people voted by absentee ballot who do not live in the district. 

The pro-family organization said a full state investigation is in order -- one that could benefit both Brawley and extend the lead of Mark Harris in District 9.

On Tuesday afternoon, the executive director of NC Values Coalition said the group found five people who voted by absentee ballot in the House District 103 race that don't actually live at the listed addresses. One of them now lives in New York City, years after moving away from North Carolina in 2012.

In addition, the group was concerned about at least 300 voters who they said improperly marked and signed off on their ballots -- along with dates that didn't match up. They said they have signed affidavits to prove it -- calling out the state board of elections for giving wrong instructions to county boards of elections and arguing the state mishandled multiple elections.

"Proper application of the law in this election could have resulted in Bill Brawley's winning the election instead of Rachel Hunt and almost certainly would have increased Mark Harris' lead in North Carolina's 9th district," said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of NC Values Coalition.

The group is asking the speaker of the state house to refuse to seat Hunt, who is the daughter of former governor Jim Hunt, until an investigation is completed.

In a statement, North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin responded to the NC Values Coalition’s allegations.

“This is a desperate, last-minute attempt to deny a seat to a lawfully-elected representative. The Mecklenburg and the State Board of Elections have both certified Rachel Hunt as HD-103’s Representative, and she will officially assume that seat tomorrow (Wednesday)," said Goodwin.

Brawley also released a statement on Facebook Tuesday night.

"While this new information is disturbing to learn after the fact, I have already conceded. I encourage the State Board of Elections to do a thorough investigation to remedy the issues raised by this new information and ensure there is integrity in our elections moving forward. I wish Rep. Rachel Hunt well and hope she goes to Raleigh to serve the citizens of House District 103," he wrote.

Hunt was sworn in on January 9, despite allegations.