Gov. Roy Cooper is in the process of appointing temporary election board members following a ruling that stated the current board would be dissolved at noon on Friday. 

The ruling which was handed down Thursday afternoon relates to a stay in the panel's ruling dating back to October of 2018, before the midterm elections. 

The lawsuit is not related to the voter fraud allegations that are plaguing the NC District 9 race between Mark Harris and Dan McCready. 

Gov. Roy Cooper to appoint temporary election board members

The order was stayed at the request of both parties Dan McCready and Mark Harris who battled each other in the race for NC09 which Harris won by less than 1000 votes. 

The parties had requested a stay so that the Board's investigation into alleged fraud regarding absentee ballots could be completed. 

Gov. Cooper stated he plans to appoint a five-member subset of the current board to serve on this reconstituted Board of Elections until January 31, 2019.

Cooper said he plans to use those on his list unless both parties can send him five new names by the close of business on Friday.  

If he does not receive those new names he will proceed to appoint the new five-member board from the members of the current board. 

In a statement, GOP’s Robin Hayes calls Governor’s plan to appoint temporary Election Board members an “illegal sham.”

The Board was scheduled to meet on January 11 to discuss the District 9 allegations and present evidence of allegations.