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New year, new laws: 18 new North Carolina laws now in effect

Over a dozen new laws are now in effect in North Carolina that include laws from criminal law reform and absentee ballot fraud.

RALEIGH, N.C. — More than a dozen new laws have now gone into effect in North Carolina. That includes laws from revising insurance to dental patient rights, and adding more contracts for security to national conventions.

Here is a list of the laws:

HB 1014 2020 Census VTD Verification Program 

  • An act to allow the state of North Carolina to continue participation in the 2020 Voting District Verification Project with the United States Bureau of the Census and to establish a process to review precinct lines in advance of the 2030 census.

SB 252 Dental Bill of Rights 

  • An act to clarify certain provider and patient rights regarding health benefit plan contracts for the provision of dental services.

SB 255 State Board Construction Contract Claim 

  • An act providing the time period in which the director of the Office of State Construction shall issue a final order allowing or denying a contractor's verified written claim.

HB 219 NAIC Accreditation Amendments.-AB

  • An act to revise various insurance laws in order to maintain NAIC accreditation as recommended by the Department of Insurance.

SB 55 Continuing Education for General Contractors 

  • An act to revise the law governing the licensure of certain general contractors to require continuing education with the purpose of enhancing the professional competence and professional responsibility of those licensees.

SB 556 GSC People First Language 2019 

  • An act to update statutes relating to the provision of services with people first language by changing the phrase "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability" or "intellectual or other developmental disability" and to make further people-first language, technical, and clarifying amendments in those statutes and more.

SB 191 Out-of-State Law Enforcement/2020 Rep Convention. 

  • An act to authorize a city with a population of more than five hundred thousand people which holds a national convention to contract with out of state law enforcement agencies to provide law enforcement and security for the National Convention; to modify the hours for alcohol sale and consumption in certain circumstances and more.

HB 755 Travel Insurance Amendments 

  • An act to create a comprehensive framework for the sale of travel insurance in North Carolina.

SB 523 Rev. Laws Clarifying & Administrative Changes 

  • An act to make various clarifying and administrative changes to the revenue laws.

HB 220 Insurance Technical Changes 

  • An act to make technical and clarifying changes to the insurance laws, as recommended by the Department of Insurance.

SB 584 Criminal Law Reform

  • An act to make changes to future criminal laws related to regulatory offenses and crimes not contained in certain chapters of the general statutes.

HB 597 Wildlife Resources Commission Amends 

  • An act to make various changes to the statutes governing The Wildlife Resources Commission.

SB 458 PTS Day/Cardiac Task Force/Titus's Law/Data

  • An act designating Posttraumatic Stress Injury Awareness Day in North Carolina; Addressing Parental Consent and the Disposition Of Fetal Remains; and authorizing engagement with ThirdParty Toxicology Laboratories to guide resources.

SB 683 Combat Absentee Ballot Fraud

  • An act to amend the laws governing mail-in absentee ballots; to restore the last Saturday of Early One-Stop Voting; to extend the time by which county Boards of Election need to replace direct record electronic voting equipment under certain conditions; to authorize a county to test new voting equipment during a simulated election; and to make appropriations for current operations of the State Board Of Elections, consistent with House Bill 966 of the 2019 Regular Session.

SB 537 Licensing & HHS Amends & Rural Health Stable 

  • An act to examine and establish a new adult care home payment methodology; to amend the Licensed Professional Counselors Act; to update and revise the Substance Abuse Professional Practice Act; to amend the Social Worker Certification and Licensure Act and more.

HB 470 Administration of Justice Changes 

  • An act to make various changes and technical corrections to the law governing the administration of justice.

HB 200 2019 Storm Recovery/Various Budget Corrections

  • An act to provide funds for disaster relief from Hurricane Dorian and other named storms, funds for resiliency measures against future storms, and funding for the Rural Health Care Stabilization Fund; to make corrections to various budget-related bills; and to enact certain budget provisions from House Bill 966, 2019 Regular Session.

SB 356 DOT Cash and Accountability 

  • An act to make revenue adjustments, implement budget stabilization measures, and enhance transparency and accountability at the Department of Transportation.

For a full list of all the laws that went into effect this legislative season, click here. 


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