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'Slow poke' bill excites some, worries DOT

Lawmakers in Raleigh want to speed up your daily commute.

Lawmakers in Raleigh want to speed up your daily commute.

They're debating a bill that would allow drivers to pass "slow pokes," even on roads with double yellow lines, even though DOT says they're there for reason – safety.

"That is the most insane thing I can ever think somebody in political power would do," said Jill Ammons.

Ammons owns Southern Whimsy, right off of Weddington Road in the Wesley Chapel area and says even with the current no passing on double line roads law, drivers seem to mistake her open flag, for one at the Speedway.

"It is horrible. The speed limit here is 45, people come 60. I have a deputy sheriff friend of mine. He's sat in my parking lot clocked people at 70, 75."

The bill proposed would allow drivers to pass on these double yellow line roads. Legislators in favor say it would reduce conflict for drivers for getting behind really slow vehicles, even bicyclists. But one mailman NBC Charlotte talked to said people already do it and it's dangerous.

"There's been a couple close calls, at times people trying to get around me. Somebody coming in other directions. I've had to pull off side of road to keep people from having head on collisions before."

DOT says those lines were put there by engineers because passing was deemed unsafe. Many drivers agree.

Not that many drivers in rural areas won't admit to an instance here if there, but they don't think it should be the new norm.

"I did it today," one driver said. "We were behind a postal truck and I went around him. I think if you use your best judgment a little sorta, it is what it is. I think if you open it up and make it law people will be doing it all the time. "

Ammons agrees people who live in rural areas know how to deal with it safely. It's those who don't that scare her.

"When it's a tractor or some farming work vehicle that's totally different then an idiot driving 60-70 miles per hour passing a little old lady driving the speed limit."

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