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Mother of seven shares how she balances life, work, and giving back in her community

Shante Woody is a jack of all trades. The mother of three daughters and four sons balances her career, role at a local church and more.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Editor's Note: The video attached to this story is from a previous story on a 9-year-old using his Christmas break to give back to the homeless.

Shante Woody finds a way to balance being a mother of seven, her career, her role at a local church, while still finding time for herself.

"Sometimes, we limit ourselves. We think we can’t do multiple things at once because we’ll be the jack of all trades and the master of none, but I look at it as someone who can do several skills, so that’s why I do it all,” Woody said.

She's a full-time mother to her three daughters and four sons, works as a manager for The People’s Market, is a meal coordinator for Christ United Methodist Church, and manages women’s empowerment group "She’s Official."

Woody said she's also become a master at time management.

“I learned time blocking. I learned how to multi-task and give each thing the time it needs when it needs it,” she said.

Woody said her roles and responsibilities align to help her with scheduling. The People’s Market is a farmer’s market located in the Glenwood community. It's a seasonal market that runs from April through October.

“It’s important for the community because we are keeping the dollars circulating in our community by supporting the local businesses. Also, it is important for the neighborhood to have fresh, affordable foods," she said.

She said her community means a lot to her, and the Glenwood area is considered a food desert, and the market helps to bring fresh, affordable food into the neighborhood and helps small businesses.

Woody has been a manager there for two years, but said she started as a vendor. One of her goals is to expand the market to more communities.

“My goal is to reach out to Smith homes, Hampton homes, and any community that may not know, there’s a farmer’s market in walking distance that is available to them," Woody said.

Besides her role at the farmer’s market, she prepares meals at Christ United. Every Monday she prepares food for about 175 people.

In between that, every month, Woody meets up with She’s Official. The group founded in 2019, serves as an outlet for women.

“It’s a platform to help women find their purpose and their voice," she said. "We all need that support, and we should uplift and encourage women no matter the circumstances." 

Woody has exemplified what it means to take advantage of the many opportunities that have come her way. She said she enjoys the work she is doing for her community.

“It is very fulfilling," Woody said. "I feel like these opportunities speak volumes about who I am. I am just an everyday person. I have moments where I think to myself, 'am I doing all this?' So, I take self-care moments for myself.” 

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