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Local police sending out reminders that turning right on red arrow is illegal

Local police officers are reminding drivers to use common sense.

CONCORD, N.C. -- Concord Police are reminding drivers to use common sense.

Accident numbers are in from 2017 and police say they're seeing a trend with intersections that have a red right turn arrow.

Back in 2012, North Carolina made turning right at an intersection with a red right arrow illegal. But not all drivers received the memo, especially near the intersection of Concord Mills Boulevard and the I-85 southbound off-ramp, where 118 accidents were reported at the intersection in 2017.

NBC Charlotte crews spent 30 minutes at the intersection, witnessing more than a dozen people running the red light.

With so many traffic violations, NBC Charlotte went to the DMV, a trip that revealed how many people didn't know that turning right at the signal is illegal.

"I had no clue about that," said one man. "It's almost set up for a blue light."

A police siren is exactly what Katherine Houston heard after she illegally turned right at an intersection with a red arrow.

"I didn't get a ticket, I got a warning," she said. "I learned the hard way!"

Even with signs next to the stop lights that read "no turn on red," drivers after drivers ignored the caution, which leaves them unprotected and others in danger.

"A lot of people don't pay attention nowadays," said Houston.

If you're pulled over, it could cost you a $25 fine plus court costs.

The NCDOT says in addition to the dangerous intersections, be careful when you're in roundabouts. They say don't be a "nice driver" and let people in the roundabout. Kindness in the circle can lead to rear-ending collisions.

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