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Is Black history mandated in NC public schools?

State officials said while Black history isn't mandated to be taught, it would be impossible for a student to graduate without being exposed to it.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With Black History Month's final day on Monday, some people are wondering if Black history is mandated to be taught in North Carolina schools. 

Back in December, a WCNC Charlotte viewer asked the VERIFY team if the Holocaust was required to be taught in schools. The answer is yes, as required by the 2023-24 state budget

But what about Black history? 

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Is Black history mandated in North Carolina public schools?



No, Black history is not mandated in North Carolina public schools. However, it is included in the learning standards from the Department of Public Instruction. 


This is false.


WCNC Charlotte went straight to the Department of Public Instruction with this question. In an email, the department said there is no specific legislation requiring North Carolina schools to teach Black history. They also said North Carolina is considered a "local control state," meaning each district or charter determines its own curriculum. 

NCDPI said while no standards are mandated, it would be impossible to graduate from a North Carolina school without having been exposed to Black history. According to NCDPI's learning standards, K-12 lessons involving Black history are categorized under "American History."

"Black history is really connected with American history," Cameron said. "At the same time though, I do think they are different fields, and they do have sort of different origins and different approaches."

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"We have to remember that African Americans were some of the most artisan revolutionaries, and they were some of the strongest voices with separation from Great Britain," he said. 

Though there is no law stating Black history must be taught, Cameron says it's important to our nation and state's histories. 

"Just of the critical importance of African-American history in North Carolina and the United States," Cameron said. "If anything is going to be required, that would be a really good route to go."

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