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No, Kroger is not sending emails that ask people to become secret shoppers

A viewer told WCNC Charlotte they got an email from Kroger saying they could get up to $400 to be a secret shopper.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We all get those junk emails however, sometimes, we see offers that seem too good to be true. A viewer told WCNC Charlotte they got an email from Kroger saying they could get up to $400 to be a secret shopper. 

The email claimed to be from Kroger and said the grocery chain was looking for secret shoppers. All you have to do is fill out the application, and if you are chosen to be a secret shopper, you can get a $400 payday. 

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Is Kroger sending out emails, paying people to become secret shoppers? 


No, Kroger is not sending emails asking people to become secret shoppers. 

This is false.



When we brought this question to Bartholomy, he told us it was not true. 

"It is definitely a scam," Bartholomy said. "After you apply, they will send you a check, and it's for you to go out and make these purchases at Kroger, Bartholomy. Then they ask you to do whatever is left, keep your 400 dollars, but then we need you to send the rest of it back to us."

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Bartholomy said your bank will eventually process the check and determine it's fraudulent. You will be out the money you sent back to the scammers, plus you'll be on the hook for whatever you spent at the store. 

The Federal Trade Commission is sending a warning to the public about this scam. It's not just Kroger; scammers will impersonate other big box stores, sending emails, texts, or letters offering secret shopping opportunities. 

"These look real. They have the right logo, and they have the right information," Bartholomy said. 

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