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Fact Check: Articles claim arrest made in Shanquella Robinson murder case

Officials have issued an arrest warrant for one of the people on the trip, but some articles are stating that person has been arrested.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As Shanquella Robinson's family continues to search for answers in the death of their daughter, some are claiming a suspect has been arrested in the case.

The 25-year-old Charlotte woman mysteriously died while on vacation with a group of friends in Mexico.

Officials have issued an arrest warrant for one of the people on the trip, but some articles are stating that person has been arrested.

This article claims that there has been an arrest in the Shanquella Robinson case. When someone reports and shares claims that are not verified, that's how misinformation gets spread.

First, the headline suggests Daejhanae Jackson was arrested in the United States. As of now, Mexican authorities have not publicly even named a suspect. They have issued arrest warrants but haven't said who the warrants are for. Then the article goes on to say Jackson was arrested by Interpol agents. 


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So what is Interpol

According to the US Justice Department, Interpol is an International Criminal Police Organization that provides investigative support and secure communication between law enforcement and authorities. However, the Justice Department says Interpol does not have its own law enforcement agents. 

The article also states the arrest was made on Nov. 28. However, it does not give a time, it doesn't reveal exactly where Jackson was supposedly arrested or where she was booked. In the United States, when someone is arrested, they are usually booked into a detention facility, and that information is generally public and available for reports to refer to in their stories. 

WCNC spoke with Shanquella Robinsons's father, he tells us he has not been made aware of an arrest yet. The FBI also said this is an active and ongoing investigation. 

So we want to remind you to double-check what you see online and on social media. Of course, if and when an arrest is made and we can confirm it, we will send you an alert. 

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