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VERIFY: You may face a fine or even go to jail if you try to use a fake COVID-19 vaccine card

What happens if you forge a CDC card or buy a fake one?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As more places require a vaccination card to enter, like concerts, some restaurants, and businesses, some people are trying to buy or create a vaccination card.

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What happens if you forge a CDC card or buy a fake one?



We can verify that you may face a fine or even go to jail if you attempt to use a fake vaccine card or try to sell one.


In a statement, the FBI categorized the unauthorized use of an official governmental agency's seal as a crime. 

Under the law, anyone who uses, buys produces a document or paper which the seal has been fraudulently affixed or impressed will be fined or could face up to five years in prison. 

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"You forge a vaccination card you don't have it, and then let's say there is a requirement at the school or your workplace, you have essentially defrauded your employer just like any other fraud there are consequences to that fraud," Mauney said.

Attorney General Josh Stein, along with other states' Attorneys Generals, wrote a letter calling on CEOs of Twitter, eBay and Shopify, to monitor their platforms for people trying to sell these vaccine cards illegally. 

In part, the letter said, "fake vaccine cards are a threat to residents of our states." 

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