KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — It's almost like Ashley Andrews Gerdes has lost her son for the second time. 

Gerdes said she was at the Walmart in Kannapolis on Sunday when she noticed she lost a very important item, a teddy bear that reminds her of her son who passed away almost seven years ago. 

Gerdes said shirt the bear is wearing is just like the shirt her son was buried in. 

Ok I need help. This bear was lost today at the Kannapolis Walmart. This bear is priceless it's a very very special bear. I went back and looked over the store and was unable to find it. This bear...

"I made this bear when I didn’t have a child to hold," Gerdes wrote on Facebook. 

Gerdes said now that she has a daughter she gave the bear to her and she fondly calls it “Brugga bear."

Gerdes is now offering a $50 reward to anyone who returns this bear if found. 

"There will be no questions asked about how or where you found it. We just really want him back so that one day when my daughter is older and better able to understand I can explain to her why this bear is so special, tell her all about her big brother," Gerdes wrote on Facebook.