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Charlotte-area couple creating Olympic events at home

Adam and Kristin Strange hope to bring joy to others by sharing their at-home Olympic competitions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Olympic Games might not be happening this year, but Adam and Kristin Strange are putting together their own version of Olympic events and competing against one another in their front yard to help bring some light and laughter to the trying time everyone is facing right now.

"There's so many things out there that you have to concentrate on to be serious and to stay healthy, but this was just something that we could do to laugh and smile and just have a good time." Kristin Strange said.

“We'd go for a walk and we'd plan out okay how can we do another game; what game do you think we could do? It's just another outlet,” Adam Strange said.

The Strange Games 2020 have also helped the neighborhood bond. 

“We've had neighbors that we've never met walking by, waving, obviously social distancing,” Kristin Strange said.

It's also been a hit online and a way for everyone to stay connected via social media. 

"The local support has been phenomenal just in conversations with people, but then the online reactions," Adam Strange said. “My mom finally friended me on Facebook so she's started following us and asking what we're doing.”

Most importantly, Adam and Kristin hope that their front yard fun has brought joy to others.

“We're all about the laughter and happiness and just trying to bring that light back into our community and even just our neighbors, but really staying connected through social media has been a great thing,” Kristin Strange said. "Right now if you put something fun out there and you bring a smile to somebody's face it's using social media for good."

And whether it's a clay pigeon shooting competition using their water hose and frisbees or a gymnastics floor exercise competition in the front yard, expect the Strange Games 2020 to continue.

“We've been married 8 years on May 4th, and I actually said we're not going to be traveling for our 8-year anniversary, so I think we'll probably be playing croquet and bocce,” Kristin Strange said.

The Stranges hope that once this is all over the entire neighborhood can unite for their own games.


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