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Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares what to expect in Season 2 of 'Lost Speedways' and thoughts on the remainder of the 2021 NASCAR season

Season 2 of 'Lost Speedways' with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matthew Dillner debuts on July 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'Lost Speedways' is back for Season 2 this summer and visits tracks like Texas World Speedway and Myrtle Beach Speedway to name a few.

Dale alongside co-host Matthew Dillner explores the past and present, speaks with racing legends about their memories of what transpired at those race tracks throughout time, and leaves the audience with a sense of nostalgia for what was and what could have been.

Ahead of the eight-episode season premiere on July 1, Dale Jr. spoke with WCNC Charlotte about what viewers can expect this season, the 2021 NASCAR season and more.

Q: "When you visit some of these tracks what are the emotions you are feeling?"

A: "Some are ghostly and some are extremely beautiful and romantic. It just depends on really what happened there and what kind of shape the track is in currently. That's the crazy thing about it you really sometimes don't even know what kind of feeling or vibe you're going to get when you go to see these places until you get there. I've always wanted to explore these tracks, aside from the TV show, I'm just interested in going and seeing these places, learning about them. So to be able to do that in real-time with a viewer and an audience is more motivating, more exciting."

Q: "In the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, you look at some of the things they're trying - the Bristol Dirt Race, going back to some of the roots of the sport, going to COTA, the All-Star Race in Texas, we were just in Nashville so looking at what they're doing how do you feel about that? When you look at the rest of the schedule and where you're going to be calling these races what are you most excited about?"

A: "It's fun, it's enjoyable and great to be back out on the road and back at the track and fans are at the track. The energy is back. More fans are at the track than before the pandemic. This weekend at Nashville Superspeedway was insane, as far as the crowd and energy. It reminded me a lot of what we might have seen in our sport decades ago where there wasn't a seat left. I hope that we can maintain that momentum and growth going forward."

Q: "Final thoughts on what you want viewers to know about 'Lost Speedways' Season 2?"

A: "Season 2 comes out July 1 you can only see it on Peacock TV and we hope that you'll check us out. Season 1 was a blast you can also see that as well in its entirety. We've ramped up it. We've got a better season for you here in Season 2 so tell your friends and we'll be watching with you."