CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey will likely command a large contract extension this season, and there's a faction of the fanbase that doesn't want to give it to him, even after recording just the third 1,000-1,000-yard season in NFL history.

The argument for those who don't want to do it? Not wanting to pay McCaffrey as one of the top running backs in the league (especially if it's time to rebuild) so that the team can acquire other players and assets and think more long term.

But moving on from a proven great player so that you MIGHT be able to pick up players who MIGHT be good someday isn't sound logic to me.

McCaffrey is an offensive weapon running and catching the ball, and with his elite training/recovery regimen should be able to last a while.

Many similar backs have had long, and productive careers. Why should McCaffrey be any different?

Even if you pay McCaffrey now, and in the short term the Panthers aren't very good, you'll want him around when everyone else catches up.

That should be worth it to pay McCaffrey.