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North Carolina man posing as underage child online to lure suspected sexual predators

Some might called him a vigilante because Aaron Wilder is not a cop -- but that's not stopping him from meeting suspected child predators.

MORGANTON, N.C. — A Morganton, North Carolina man is using the power of social media to raise awareness about child sex abuse and expose the men accused of being sexual predators.

Aaron Wilder created the Facebook page called 'Predo Busters.' On this profile, he posts pictures and videos of his interaction with men he has met through various dating apps while he was posing as an underage child. 

In many instances, Wilder says his chats with the men become sexual in nature and eventually lead to an agreed meeting. That’s when Wilder exposes the truth to them.

“I’m about to go give him a reality check because that’s not happening in my community,” Wilder says.

His method has received some mixed feedback from the community. Some who support him.

“They tell me they had no idea that these things were happening in their communities and it just really opened their eyes,” he says.

Wilder adds others tell him he’s “setting a trap” for the men involved and to leave the sexual predator crackdown to police. But a local Charlotte attorney tells WCNC Charlotte technically Wilder isn’t doing anything wrong or illegal.

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“It just underscores if a private citizen uncovers evidence of wrong doing on their own whether they’re snooping or not and they bring it to the police the police can generally use that to build a case,” attorney Scott MacLatchie says.

Morganton Police say they have reviewed some of Wilder's videos and turned the cases over to the district attorney’s office to see if any potential charges will be filed.

At this time, none of the people Wilder has met have been charged with any crimes.

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