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Former NC governor says man beat his car with tree limb on Charlotte street

Pat McCrory said he was driving and had slowed down to stop for a pedestrian.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The former governor of North Carolina said he was attacked by a pedestrian with a tree limb on a street in Charlotte.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the intersection of Selwyn and Runnymede Lane.

Pat McCrory said he was driving and had slowed down to stop for a pedestrian. The former governor described the details Thursday morning on WBT Radio.

“So I rolled down my window and I said ‘Sir, go on, go on, I want to make sure I don't block you doing this’, and I wasn't even in the right of way,” McCrory said.

However, that’s when he said it became clear the suspect recognized him.

“He said, ‘Wait a minute, I recognize you, you're Pat McCrory you blankety blank blank blank,’ and I was thinking to myself, he is not a fan,” McCrory said on the radio.

Moments later, McCrory said the man started attacking.

“He proceeds to take his big limb from a tree that he's carrying across the street, that he's carrying like Moses would, and he slams it on top of my car,” McCrory said.

The former governor said he thought about exiting the car but decided against it. He said someone in another car appeared to be recording the incident.

“I don't want a big story; I've had enough big stories on me, but I feel like I need to report it, plus I'm going to have to fix my car,” McCrory said on the radio.

McCrory said he doesn’t know if the man was homeless, lived in the area, or was on drugs. However, police told him it was a good decision to stay in the car.

The suspect caused $600 in damage, according to the police report. No arrests were made at the time of the incident.

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