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Hawthorne Lane Bridge construction starts again

The project has had its fair share of problems.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Hawthorne Bridge project was supposed to be finished months ago but instead, it's been causing headaches for some people who live and work in the Elizabeth area.

The project has had its fair share of problems -- construction completely stopped in January after the large steel beams used for building the framework of the bridge were placed incorrectly.

Now, construction work is starting back up again on Monday.

Some business owners say they’ve been suffering for months, as the stall in construction has caused a stall in business.

“Right now we don't like it because it's affecting us,” said Adon Canto, general manager of Sabor.

Sabor is right in between the bridge and where crews are working on the gold line. Canto says they've seen 25% fewer customers than normal.

“It’s slowing down a little bit,” he says. 

He’s hopeful it will be worth the wait and good for business.

In January, the bridge project was put on hold after the contractor placed steel girders that didn’t fit. At the time, Mayor Vi Lyles said the low bids that are required by law don’t always work out.

Many of the people who live nearby were annoyed by the sounds of construction, something they’ll hear again in the coming weeks and months. 

Project crews will take down the existing girders and replace them with the newly manufactured girders during overnight hours through mid-October. Bridge construction will then continue with deck work through the late fall. 

The Hawthorne Lane Bridge is expected to be completed in April 2020.


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