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Irish Fisherman’s Pie

Chef Tillie shares a delicious recipe for St. Patrick's Day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For the Sauce:

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

2 shallots, brunoise

4 cloves garlic,minced

1 leek, diced

2 Tbsp flour

1 cup coconut cream or milk, unsweetened (or heavy cream)

1/4 c dry white wine or sherry

zest of 1 lemon

saffron threads

kosher sea salt

ground pepper

2 Tbsp each of dill, parsley, tarragon-chopped

For the filling:

1/2 lb salmon, diced

1/2 lb cod, haddock or white fish, diced

1/2 lb shrimp, peeled & deveined, diced

1/4 lb bay scallops

1/4 lb clams or cockles, shucked (or canned, be sure to drain)

1/4 lb mussels, shucked (optional)

1/4 lb (optional) oysters, shucked

6 large leaves kale, stems removed, chopped

For the topping:

6 medium gold potatoes, thinly sliced

parsley leaves, stems removed

dill sprigs

kosher sea salt, to taste

ground pepper

bacon crumbles


1. Clean all shellfish & shuck (instructions on my blog—Chef Tillie’s Table), peel and devein prawns (or shrimp), and cut all fish into about 1 inch (3-4 cm) pieces. Set aside.

2. In separate area prepare kale, potatoes, and leeks. Remove stems from kale and chop into bite-sized pieces. Set aside. Slice potatoes on mandolin to about 1-2 mm thickness. Place in bowl of cold water and set aside. Diced leeks and soak in cold water to remove grit, set aside.

3. Melt the butter in large skillet over medium heat. I recommend using cast iron pan if you want to serve it family style as one big pie. Add shallots, garlic and drained leeks, cook until translucent. To make the rue, add the flour and whisk until it is thick and a bit clumpy. Add the coconut cream to make a béchamel--whisk until the mixture is smooth. You should only see lumps from garlic and shallots. Turn burner to low heat.

4. Next whisk in wine or sherry. The sauce will have creamy texture and coat the back of the spoon. Add salt and pepper to taste along with saffron threads and lemon zest. Fold in fresh chopped herbs until incorporated (you can also use dried herbs like Spicewalla).

5. Remove pan from heat. Add all of the fish. After 2 minutes add the chopped kale and gently stir until thoroughly mixed. Remove from heat.

6. Turn on broiler in oven. Top the mixture in the cast iron pan with raw potato slices in circular fashion to cover the entire filling. You can also use ramekins placed on a baking sheet if you would like to make individual servings. Drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper. Broil for 5-7 minutes.

7. Garnish with fresh dill, parsley, and bacon crumbles (optional) and serve while it's hot and delicious with my cheddar chive scones.

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