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It's time to grow your Fall veggies

Pike Nursery has easy planters to get your veggies and herbs growing this season

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Here are some veggies that thrive in the cooler weather, that you can plant right now:

  • Lettuce
    • One of the most giving vegetables you can plant
    • Plant a blend of different lettuce types for variety (romaine, red leaf, etc)
    • Lettuce roots are shallow – easy to grow in containers (shallow bowls)
    • To harvest, snip or pick outer leaves so the centers will keep growing
  • Spinach
    • Prefers full sun but is one of the few vegetables that can tolerate partial sun
    • Another shallow-root veggie, so you can grow in containers
    • Harvest sooner as smaller leaves (will get bitter as it matures). Pick outer leaves to give the inner leaves more time to grow (extends harvest)


  • Kale
    • Hardy, can tolerate some cold and frost
    • Harvest when the leaves are about the size of your hand. Choose smaller, tender leaves for salads; larger leaves for cooking
    • Ornamental varieties are not tasty, so don’t eat them, but they add great texture to garden beds
  • Cabbage
    • Heavy feeder – needs regular fertilization
    • Avoid growing alongside broccoli & cauliflower (can deplete soil nutrients faster because they’re all heavy feeders)
    • Harvest when the cabbage head is nice and firm.
    • Ornamental varieties available for flower gardens and containers (not tasty, so don’t eat them)
  • Broccoli
    • Keep it evenly watered; Avoid watering the heads, only water the soil
    • Needs regular fertilization as well
    • Harvest with buds of the head are firm and tight; cut the stem at an angle. Plant will continue to give side shoots for additional harvesting well into fall
  • Cauliflower
    • Keep consistently watered
    • Grows a bit slower, so be patient
    • Harvest when heads are 6 to 8 inches in diameter and are firm, white and tight
  • Onions
    • Planted as bulbs, choose from white, yellow or red onion bulbs in a variety of sizes
    • Heavy feeder – needs regular fertilization to produce big bulbs
    • Harvest immature onions as scallions. For mature onions, wait until the tops yellow & start to fall over
  • Herbs – many do well in cool weather, too
    • Parsley
    • Thyme
    • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Chives

Planting Tips

  • You don’t need a large space to grow cool season veggies & herbs --- you can even grow them in a pot
  • However, you do need an outdoor area that receives 6+ hours of sunlight
  • When planting in the ground use a rich, organic planting mix like Black Gold Planting mix – this helps breakup our dense clay soil while adding in organic compost so roots can more easily establish & provide proper drainage
  • When planting in a pot or container, make sure it has a hole in the bottom for drainage and use Black Gold Potting Soil – it's specially formulated for the unique needs of potted containers
  • Be sure to add in Dr. Earth Root Zone when planting to give your new transplants needed nutrients to prevent transplant shock
  • Keep your cool season veggies watered – twice a week depenidng on the weather & get ready to enjoy your harvest

For more advice on growing cool season crops like these, go to PikeNursey.com.

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